Holistic Cancer Treatment: Does it Work, and Where Can You Get It?

Holistic cancer treatment has seen a surge in popularity as more people continue to seek gentler and more natural ways to cure their bodies. Holistic medical practitioners recognize the interconnectedness of all physical and mental systems.

This kind of healing looks at diseases as symptoms of an underlying root cause. Most often this cause is an imbalance of some sort, either dietary or as a result of a patient’s emotional or mental state.

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Multi-Faceted Cancer Treatment

Holistic cancer treatment takes many forms

Holistic therapy is usually multi-faceted, and typically includes dietary changes, implementation of exercise programs, meditation and other stress-reducing practices.

Holistic cancer treatment requires the patient to take a high level of responsibility in the treatment and recovery process. This kind of care is interactive, putting the patient in a more active role throughout the healing process than conventional orthodox treatment methods.

Anyone seeking holistic cancer treatment must accept that these methods demand that the patient make certain lifestyle changes in order to ensure optimal effectiveness.

Changes in Diet

For the body to be receptive to any holistic treatments, certain substances must be avoided. Holistic doctors usually tell their patients to completely cut out caffeine, alcohol, processed foods, refined sugars and starches, and any other unhealthy foods.

Not only do many of these foods slow down the progress of the body’s natural healing processes, but some of them run counter to holistic treatments – essentially canceling them out and rendering their effects on the body useless.

Much of holistic medicine holds that the body’s pH levels must be kept in balance in order to heal itself. Ingesting the the wrong kinds of foods and drinks make the body more acidic, a condition that invites a host of inflammatory problems - including cancer.

The following are some of the most widely practiced forms of holistic cancer treatment.

Ayurveda - One of the most ancient healing traditions known to man, Ayurvedic medicine takes a much more holistic approach than the conventional medical community, integrating the mind, body, and spirit into the diagnosis and treatment of any illness. Healing regimens are prescribed on a per-case basis, depending on the type of cancer, and after taking careful account of all extenuating factors in the patient’s life including diet, mindset, and lifestyle.

Treatment regimens usually call for specialized herbs and exercises as well as diet and lifestyle changes. Ayurveda looks at any disease as a systemic problem that must be traced to its root, rather than simply cutting out or subduing the symptom. Like any holistic model for healing, Ayurveda seeks to balance every component of the patient’s being, which leads to a state of good health.

Chinese Medicine - Chinese medicine also has a much longer history than Eastern allopathy. Like Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine sees any malady as an imbalance of energy in the patient’s body. Treatment always involves a combination of therapies carefully customized to the individual patient depending on the specific conditions of that person. Acupuncture and/or acupressure is sometimes a part of this regimen, as well as healing herbs and foods.

Reiki - This holistic healing method comes from Japan and seeks to harness some of the energy inherent around each person at all times. The practitioner becomes the catalyst, receiving and transmitting this energy to the patient through his hands. It is believed that this can help to regulate the body’s own delicate balance of essential energy.

Osteopathy can help keep your body in balance

Osteopathy - Another vastly popular holistic cancer treatment, osteopathy focuses on the musculoskeletal system. Osteopaths pay special attention to the spinal cord, from which many nerves extend. These nerves affect all of the body’s organs, and osteopathic medicine seeks to restore these connections to their natural healthy state primarily through specialized massage and adjustments.In keeping with the common theme present in all holistic medicine, the goal of osteopathy is to enable the body to effectively use its own disease-fighting mechanisms.

Homeopathy - Homeopathic medicine uses heavily diluted concentrations of medication to treat cancer patients. The particular substance prescribed will vary based on each patient’s individual circumstances and type of cancer. The practice, which can be traced all the way back to Hippocrates, was advanced in modern times by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann who desired less harmful treatments for suffering patients.

In today's world, alternative and holistic cancer treatment is no longer an obscure niche in the medical community. Many experts give real credence to the healing potential of a more integrated, all-encompassing approach to diagnosing and treating cancer.

Whole-person, integrated therapies like these provide patients with more weapons in their cancer-fighting arsenal. Since these therapies are meant to restore natural balance to the body, most are non-invasive and lack dangerous side effects.

Many allopathic physicians are open-minded about such therapies and are willing to help their patients to integrate these systems into their overall treatment.

A large number of cancer patients, fed up with or unwilling to endure the energy-sapping cancer removal methods used by modern medicine, opt for entirely holistic healing plans.

As with any chosen regimen, it is imperative that the patient believe wholeheartedly in his ability to recuperate and thrive. It’s also important that a patient feels completely comfortable with the chosen treatment option and has complete confidence in the practitioner.

Holistic cancer treatment recognizes the important role that the psyche plays in the physical state of the body.

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