It is Possible to Survive Endometrial Cancers: My Story

Marcia Jantz on how she beat endometrial cancers, and now keeps herself fit and healthy day-to-day

Earl and Marcia Jantz. Marcia survived endometrial cancer

"I am motivated to keep a positive attitude because I love sharing with people an opportunity to see their lives improve! If you can see outside of your circumstances, you will find hope to take control of your life, instead of letting those circumstances dictate your life. I will continue to work hard so many more people can hear about this opportunity — this is what motivates me!"
Marcia Jantz, Oklahoma City, OK

Marcia Jantz found herself struggling with many health issues, including arthritis, headaches, losing hair, battling constant fatigue, out of control hormones, and allergies.

She and her husband, Earl, searched for and tried many "solutions" for help, but most returned few, if any, positive results.

Endometrial Cancers Were Not on My Radar

Marcia worked in ministry alongside her husband, Earl, almost her entire life. While the work was rewarding, there was never much money, no health insurance, and no retirement plan. Then opportunity knocked.

"I was picking up some visitors at the airport to attend a conference we were hosting," Earl recalls, "and one gentleman told me about a company he was involved with.

"When he told me about the 100 percent 30 day product guarantee and the 90 percent one-year business guarantee, it seemed too good an opportunity to pass up, so we decided to try this nutrition because of the guarantees."

Incredible Results!

I began to use this nutrition and received amazing health results.

  • the arthritis in my hands and feet were no longer hurting, I could bend all joints without pain and also had my grip back;
  • the frequent headaches were gone, so with the arthritis and headaches a non-issue I no longer needed to live on aspirin and ibuprofen;
  • my hair wasn't falling out by the handful;
  • my nails were growing;
  • the awful fatigue I had to constantly battle was gone;
  • the out-of-control hormones were balanced so I could sleep through the night;
  • I no longer needed medications for allergies.

Then I Tested Positive for Endometrial Cancers

Approximately 5 or 6 months after seeing these results, I visited the doctor for a routine check-up and my pap tests came back abnormal.

That sent me to a specialist – more tests – and I received the diagnosis of advanced stages of endometrial cancer. The surgeon said I had probably carried my endometrial cancer for 5-7 years – so that explained why my health had been so poor for the prior years

I had been taking this nutrition for six months when I found out I had cancer. I continued to take the nutrition until the surgery, which was scheduled within three weeks.

A few days after the surgery, which was a total hysterectomy with the pelvic lymph nodes removed for cancer testing, the surgeon walked into the hospital room to give me a report.

What he said that day will forever be in my memory.

An Unforgettable Comment From My Doctor

He said: "When we opened you up, you know we expected to find cancer – but I was surprised – because the cancer was contained, so with the surgery you are cancer-free and there is no cancer follow-up necessary."

I have been cancer-free since February 2006. Needless to say – I continue to take this nutrition.

I want to be very clear – this nutrition does not cure cancer or any other disease. What I believe is that if you feed your body complete, balanced, absorbable nutrition, then your body is the miracle. Your body knows what to do with good balanced, absorbable, complete nutrition.

Whether you're dealing with serious illness such as endometrial cancers, or just suffering from everyday wear and tear, the right nutrition can make a big difference.

A Fantastic Opportunity That's Changed Our Life

Before this opportunity was presented to us, we were grateful that we could pay our bills every month. It was very difficult though because we had NO cash flow.

As we shared this opportunity, even with a limited time commitment, we started earning $500-1000 a month. That made a big difference in our finances. During our first full year we ended up earning $15,000 – even with the lack of time available due to going through cancer, surgery and recovery.

After our second year, I was thrilled to be able to quit my job because we had earned $36,000. In our third year we earned $41,000, our fifth year $65,000, and this last year we earned $75,000.

This income allowed us to purchase a home, start the process of becoming debt-free, and finally for the first time in our married lives (over 38 years) have a financial future.

The statement "It's not about wealth – it's about having money so you can have options" is what we are now starting to experience.

Consistency + Persistence + Determination = Success

We have fully embraced the truth of Consistency + Persistence + Determination = Success. We love showing people a genuine opportunity that not only helps to improve their health, but also can allow them to build a thriving business.

As we see people's lives improve, we are even more willing and motivated to serve other people's needs. This opportunity fits right into our life passion, which is putting others first and bringing hope to all people!

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