Have You Explored Alternative Cancer Treatments?

Cancer rates are on the rise. Specialists blame the worsening environment, contamination of our food chain, a more sedentary lifestyle, and many other factors for this alarming increase.

One chink of light on this gloomy horizon is that survival rates, for patients whose illness is diagnosed early enough, are higher than ever. The sooner you are tested after developing cancer symptoms, the more likely it is that you'll pull through.

Cancer rates are on the rise

But as cancer patients in remission will attest to, surviving cancer treatments is just as much a challenge as beating the disease itself. Nobody wants the initial diagnosis; ironically, the early stages of cancer may be a lot less unpleasant than the medical interventions required to kill it.

Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are brutal on the body. You need to be strong, mentally and physically, to have a fighting chance.

For weaker patients – the very old, the very young, or the physically compromised – it can literally be kill or cure. The incredible toll that traditional cancer therapy takes on the body has led suffers to seek out alternative cancer treatments.

Marcia Jantz: My Obsession

As a cancer survivor, I take a keen interest in this topic. Click to read more about my personal struggle with endometrial cancer.

It's hard to find all the alternative therapies and preventative diets and supplements for cancer sufferers, let alone to know which ones work best, if they even work at all.

This site is for you if:

  • You are in remission from cancer
  • You are currently undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy
  • You have tried the extreme interventionist treatments, but are still not in remission
  • There is a common thread of cancer sufferers in your family's medical history, and you're worried about your future health
Look for alternatives to drug-based cancer therapies

Let's go on a journey through the diets, supplements and alternative cancer therapies we have discovered.

Firstly, we'll find out exactly what cancer is, what causes cancer, survival rates and other cancer facts. We'll also cover cancer symptoms for the major kinds of cancer.

We'll look at the ideal cancer diet, including cancer fighting foods; examine claims of natural cancer cures and alternative cancer treatments, and find out whether any of them are genuine alternatives to radiotherapy or chemotherapy; and talk about natural health supplements and their effect on cancer survival rates.

Finally, I'll tell you about a special nutritional supplement product and why I use it every day. It's kept me healthy: I believe it can do the same for you.

To your health,
Marcia Jantz

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